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"James Perly was pivotal in transforming my vision into MastermindTalks' reality; his mentorship is a blueprint for success and legacy."

Jayson Gaignard

Founder, MastermindTalks
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You build your business, we'll build your brand.

We earn trust in three ways

1. Tailored Strategies: Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We meticulously tailor our marketing and product development strategies to align with your unique business goals, leveraging your B2B expertise.

2. Effortless Success: Our team ensures that your journey into thought leadership is seamless. We manage all initial development processes and costs, including product development and advertising.

3. Direct Access to James Perly: James works closely with each client, crafting bespoke strategies that transform your business vision into a tangible, successful reality.

has mentored dozens of Ontario’s top entrepreneurs including Jayson Gaignard, Nicole Verkindt, Ted Livingston, and Jennifer Dang.

He is an educator and business executive coach, but has the most fun helping others scale their businesses.

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Do you lead an established B2B business?
Do you have any high-profile clients?
Is your message clear?
Do you have $25k/month to invest?
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Perly Marketing Services is a division of Gardner Walker